Microsoft Tech Summit 2019

April 06, 2019 | 3 Minute Read

My Microsoft Tech Summit 2019.

The Microsoft #TechSummitCH 2019 in Bern was awesome! Beside the sessions, I was able to meet and greet a lot of other developers from different companies. The day was good organized - everything was on schedule. Thanks for the seamless organization and all the great speakers from around the world.

Day 1: 3. April 2019

The highlight for me on the first day was definitely the Keynote of Scott Hanselman:

The announcement for the Azure Cloud Data Center in Switzerland was also great.

Day 2: 4. April 2019

I would like to share also what kind of session I visited on the second day of the #TechSummitCH:

Docker + Azure Devops + Kubernetes = <3

Azure DevOps - 101

I donโ€™t have much experience in Azure Devops - that is why I choose this session. It was very useful to me and the presentation was well structured and easy to follow.

ASP.NET Core in Production: Lessons Learned

Iris Classon is not only funny to listing to - she is also member of the minority of female tech speaker which is in my opinion an issue. We should fix this! For sure her presentation was good and informative.

Accessibility & Inclusive Design

The main message that I took away from this talk was Build your applications with inclusion by design. If you build your application to be used for a user with disabilities you enable it also for everyone else without any.

Building a world without passwords

Back on the arena stage with the dream to have a world without passwords:

Building globally distributed Web APIs with Azure

Filip is an excellent Web API expert. His talk was worth to see.

Closing & .NET Meetup

After the last session I sneaked into Starbucks to get a short break.

As a final I participated the .NET User Group Bern Meetup to see Scott Hanselman again with around ~300 other developers:

Meetup .NET User Group Bern

Scott @ Meetup .NET User Group Bern

Thatโ€™s it! I hope you had also great time there like me :)