.NET Conf 2019 is right ahead

September 22, 2019 | 1 Minute Read

My watch list for the .NET Conf 2019.

.NET Conf 2019 Countdown series

I’m excited to be part of the .NET Conf with this every day mini-post series until the 23th September.

.NET Conf 2019 is right ahead

I’m excited and overwhelmed by the agenda topic list and speaker line-up of the .NET Conf 2019. I also deeply respect the involvement of the community by the organizers and the effort spent by the community speakers to bring it on - well done!

It’s definitely worth attending a .NET Conf 2019 local event to get together with other .NET friends. Join me on the 30th september at Community .NET Conf 2019 Event.

My watch list

Day 1

  • .NET Conf 2019 Keynote
  • What’s new in C# 8 - Part 1/2
  • Increase your .NET Productivity with Visual Studio 2019
  • Entity Framework Core 3.0 and beyond
  • Tips and Tricks for .NET Debugging in Visual Studio

Day 2

  • DevOps for the .NET Developer
  • Secure your NuGet package eco-system
  • Cryptography 101 with .NET Core
  • Identity 101: How username/password got so complicated
  • High performance servers with .NET Core

Day 3 (Community)

  • Exploring Cross Platform Unit Testing Tools for .NET Core - Toni Solarin-Sodara
  • ASP.NET Core Health Checks - Jurgen Gutsch
  • Introduction to Async Streams in the Real World - Stephen Cleary
  • Versioning APIs with ASP.NET Core - Shawn Wildermuth
  • The Science of Great UI - Mark Miller

I wish you all out there a good .NET Conf 2019!